Useful Internet Links

Use these links to further your knowledge and investigations on Atlas adjusting.

The USA link will get you to other certified AO Doctors around the world

For a comprehensive listing of ALL types of upper cervical specific chiropractors, see the first link,

A patient, Greg Buchanan, created an exhaustive site, after his miraculous recovery due to upper cervical chiropractic adjustments using Atlas Orthogonal.

Palmer Chiropractic University – my alma mater; oldest chiropractic college in the world teaches AO

Dr Roy Sweat – founder of Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic and my teacher

In Europe, contact my good friend Dr Kay Nickelson in Germany

Dr Darryl Roundy in Washington – AO chiropractic site in the USA.


YOUTUBE Links of interest:

First ever appearance of AO Instrument on Australian national TV

Dr Joseph Ierano interviewed by colleague Dr Robbie Hunt

AO instrument under video x ray

What is AO? by Dr Ierano

Famous person Montel Williams talks about AO and MS

As discussed on the show THE DOCTORS