by Dr Joseph Ierano, chiropractor and upper cervical practitioner

Neurologist advises: “whatever you do, DON’T see a chiropractor”

Female, middle aged.
Severe, unbearable head pain on bending forward, sneezing or coughing.
Laughing caused severe head pain.
3 attacks of debilitating vertigo in 4 months.

Patient was referred by her chiropractor for specific Atlas Orthogonal care after a neurologist advised her of the danger of having her neck twisted by a chiropractor.

Discussion ensued on the documented dangers of drugs used for this problem – like Nurontin, Epilem, Lyrica, Tegretol – which the patient could not tolerate for long.

There are also neurologists that recommend trying upper cervical chiropractic, like Drs Casey and Weigel, author of Striking Back, see page two of my book list here

Patient had tried physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and all the regular medical specialist to rule out life threatening disease.

Symptoms diminished after 3 adjustments with the specific Atlas Orthogonal Upper Cervical adjusting program.

Ongoing maintenance at Jan 2011


3 years


Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Technique


There was a substantial bout of vertigo after the first adjustment which she was warned could occur. I felt that influencing the position of the head would bring about a reaction from the balance system, as I have seen this before in patients. After a day she was fine. The warning and disclosure of all possible scenarios helped her through this. Also, it was nothing more than she’d been used to, to date. Her supportive spouse also was a great help.


No debilitating head ache since 3rd visit. Longest time without frequent headache, nausea, vertigo in 3 years after AO care.


Medical Diagnosis can be such an odd, subjective, transient thing indeed.

Was it Vertigo? Meniere’s Disease? Was it stress? Like most people I see stress is a part of our lives, and its easy to blame these sorts of problems on such matters of life. But do not discount the fact that atlas vertebra is a supremely influencial area in controlling pain.

Thanks to the patient, for interest in getting this message out.

Another fascinating story of a facial pain sufferer appears here at Its the story of a trigeminal neuralgia sufferer who got relief just before he pulled the trigger to kill himself. You can buy his short book at that site also.

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