Single Subject Unpublished Case Study

Female, 12, had severe head tilt, poor posture, and was in pain. This young girl of 12 years was in great need of help as the misalignment of her neck was not only causing the obvious postural distortions you have seen, but also headache, neck ache and a general lack of wellbeing. She was suffering emotionally as well as physically due to her spinal problems.

Atlas Orthogonal Procedures performed

On the x ray below it is obvious this person needed help with postural problems. The top horizontal line is level with the atlas (first neck vertebra). After one month of care, it is quite horizontal reflecting balance and symmetry (post treatment right xray).

You can witness another part of the changes with the x rays below, taken one month apart. This demonstrates restoration of normal lordosis of the neck without exercises or mobilisation:

On the PRE (left) side view of her neck, you can see that her neck is too straight, almost an “S” bend shape, curved the wrong way. On the POST you can see the improvement to near textbook normal (right image).

The person untrained in upper cervical chiropractic may well assume that the x rays are inaccurate or rehearsed or due to position and placement of the patient. This is not so. Studies show that measurements that upper cervical chiropractors use may be reliable. Click here to learn more about this research

Patient has been followed up for over FIVE years and now has had very few incidences of presenting complaints to the initial frequency and intensity.

This case is a small testimony to the need for research into chiropractic helping children, and recommendation of chiropractic care for children. But the chiropractic option remains unexplored for most people, and not readily recommended by mainstream medical care.