Warning: there is absolutely no way a chiropractor will care for a patient with a medical DISEASE condition without consultation with other professionals, if not already done.

We understand that chiropractors REFER to other health professionals, or make sure opinion has been sought in the case of cancer or any life-threatening disease or condition or infection that is medically treatable. Acute life threatening conditions are the realm of medicine, not chiropractic.

In Chronic cases and non life threatening acute conditions, chiropractic may aid in reducing suffering and enhancing life.

Ultimately, we believe that care of the human framework and nervous system is likely a preventive, rather than curative. Though often the chiropractic adjustment has dramatic influence on the body’s curative function.

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Case Study 1: Chronic Juvenile Migraine

Case Study 2: Correction of Cervical Lordosis

Case Study 3: Epilepsy & Cerebral Palsy

Case Study 4: Neck pain in adolescent female

Case Study 5: Meniere’s Symptoms

Case Study 6: Post Concussion & Vertigo