Warning: there is absolutely no way a chiropractor will care for a patient with a medical DISEASE condition without consultation with other professionals. Chiropractors REFER to other health professionals, or make sure opinion has been sought in the case of cancer or any life-threatening disease or condition or infection that is medically treatable. We respect patient choice for medication and vaccine use and explain the risks involved.

That is why chiropractors study as much science as medical doctors and differential diagnosis and pathology subjects; to know WHEN to refer.  They study more bone radiology than medical doctors.

CO-MANAGEMENT by a chiropractor can be of benefit, just as in any condition from back pain to stomach ache.  If your chiropractor does not refer you for a treatment you feel you need, ask them, or get another opinion.

For any questions about formal research, we have quite a bit of evidence on most conditions, so feel free to ask.

The following links and pages are CASE STUDIES.
Anecdotal case studies may have NO relationship to your own condition.