The atlas bone is a cornerstone to your good health and wellbeing. When the atlas is out of alignment, your view of the world is very different. When this occurs for long periods of time, health problems start to emerge for which ‘there is often no good reason’ or your GP can’t find what’s wrong with you.

How do you know?  There are so many ways in which the atlas can become misaligned.   Continual stress, a car accident with whiplash, other accidents where you may have fallen, or jarred your body, sport, using your body the wrong way for a long time and others like ongoing mirgraine, body aches and pains, back ache, limping etc.

When you feel unwell or something isn’t quite right, an Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor uses minimally invasive and gentle AO techniques that will shift your view of the world back to normal. Over a few sessions, you will find that other health challenges may also start to right themselves.

AO Atlas misalignment

3 Replies to “Why get your atlas corrected by a chiropractor?”

  1. Does it fix the problem or does it just help you to maintain or lessen the problem or pain?

    1. There are no fixes in medical care. But there are ways in which YOU take charge of your health and you make decisions around your own wellbeing. The spine is one BIG facet of health. But the elusive CURE depends upon you.

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