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Interview with Dr Daniel Villani

Daniel is a first year chiropractic student and son of Helen and Jeremy Villani, Parker College Graduates from Newcastle, Australia … we will follow his career closely because his off the cuff 30 seconds “what is chiropractic” proves he has actually read all those books !!!! Wow!

Interview with Dr Jeremy Villani

Jeremy talks chiropractic philosophy and practice of chiropractic … he has run a practice in Newcastle NSW for many successful years and served his profession in many ways. He talks with me from Auckland today where he is currently working and mentoring at NZCC.

Interview with Mrs Debbie Rossi

Debbie shares her personal journey of healing. EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. NOT for diagnosis and treatment advice. The video is not about promoting a PRACTITIONER but how sometimes the health system does not support the PATIENTS NEEDS above some centralised “evidence biased” approach based upon limited knowledge at that point in time. NOTE: NOT ALL CONDITIONS…

Interview with Prof. Phillip Ebrall

Phillip Ebrall has had a decades long influence on Australasian Chiropractic academia. Often against all odds and coming from a rich professional and artistic history, he has truly shaped the culture of international chiropractic and enriched the scientific literature with his informative and brazen approach to the playful discovery of truth… He will be my inaugural episode for this new video podcast.

Conversations with Dr Roy Sweat

Roy Sweat is the innovator and inventor of Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Technique.

There is nothing more rewarding than a sit-down with Dr Roy. In this one , we have a segment where we were trying to ascertain a normal frequency of care for chiropractic “check ups”…