Pauline Walsh, Chiropractor

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Dr Pauline Walsh

Hello my name is Dr Pauline Walsh and I have been in the healthcare industry for over 35 years. I started as a nurse and happily practiced that form of healthcare in the medical model for 15 years. Gradually I started to ask more questions about health. I looked at the people I cared for – why did they know so little about their bodies? Why did they take medication prescribed for them, but did not know the name of the drug or sometimes why they were on it? Why was a person suffering from cancer? The drugs they gave that person meant that I had to be careful in how I handled them, because what was supposedly destroying a cancer in them was highly toxic to me and I couldn’t afford to get it on my skin. How could I help these people have better life choices that meant a better life for them and their family? What was the missing piece in the health puzzle?
Experiencing Natural Healing
I was still asking these questions and more when after the birth of my third child I suddenly started to experience weakness in my right arm. I was a busy mum with three children under the age of 4 and this weakness was debilitating and frightening. I didn’t know what had happened or why this had happened to me. It had got to the stage that I couldn’t even pick up a bag of groceries from the car and was struggling to carry my baby.
At this time I had only ever seen a chiropractor once. A friend of mine who was a chiropractor suggested I see him. I figured I had nothing to lose in taking up his offer. He assessed me thoroughly, taking time and listened to my story. After this he carefully adjusted my neck. Even after the first visit I started to feel improvement, the pain went out of my arm and I was able to lift my daughter again and carry on being a mum.
Making the Switch to Chiropractic
My experience had made a difference to my health, but the change really became cemented when my daughter suffered a pulled elbow. She cried when she tried to lift her arm. This time I had no hesitation in taking her to the chiropractor. He was so gentle with her and after an adjustment, she was back to her happy little self! I spoke with the chiropractor about these changes and he gave me many more stories of people finding better health in a more natural way. I had found the missing piece of the health puzzle! So I began asking about how to become a chiropractor and what I needed to do to complete the course. This led me to study chiropractic at RMIT Bundoora.
Staying Active and Involved
As well as my chiropractic practice I am studying my Masters in Pediatric Chiropractic. As part of my community, I love talking to people about how they can achieve a great lifestyle. I also teach young children in classrooms how they can have a healthier spine. In my spare time I enjoy being fit and healthy, by either swimming, running or working out in the gym.