Dr Firas Hasan
MClinChiro, BAppSc(CompMed), BAppSc(Biotech and BiomedSc)
MD Candidate
Owner and Principal Chiropractor
Platinum Chiropractic Centres

Dr Firas brings with him over 7 years of chiropractic experience and in addition is also currently qualifying as a medical doctor. His intention is to combine his chiropractic and medical knowledge and training to provide you with the highest level of care and service possible which is unique in the western medical system.
“My purpose is to get to the bottom of your health needs and concerns and to keep you living long and healthy – NATURALLY”
Dr Firas has completed over 13 years of university education which includes two Bachelor degrees in the health and medical sciences and a Masters degree in Clinical chiropractic from the prestigious RMIT University in Melbourne. He also has completed postgraduate training in paediatrics a postgraduate Advanced Spinal Stabilisation course and is a certified Atlas Orthogonal Practitioner.
Dr Firas is currently completing a Doctorate degree in Medicine which will qualify him as a medical doctor.
Dr Firas is passionate about natural health and together with his family is proud to be living a complete chiropractic lifestyle.
Dr Firas never stops in his never ending pursuit of excellence and travels 1000's of kilometres ever year to stay up to date on the latest advances in chiropractic and healthcare.
Dr Firas has the following GOAL for all his patients: “I want every individual to experience the miracle chiropractic has to offer and take action to treat cause rather than symptom. I want you to stop taking unnecessary medications and allow me to get to the bottom of why you are on medication in the first place. I want to be the doctor that will help you bring out the best individual in you and help your body function the way it was designed, without interference”.