The Specific AO X ray series

In addition to the "routine" x ray views for the cervical spine, such as APOM and APLC there are these specific views, from left to right: (named in accordance with the anatomical plane)

1. Sagittal: side projection to get the line central ray angle for the frontal view, called the Atlas Plane Line (APL) Angle

2. Frontal: shot along APL to see Z co-ordinate angulation commonly known as (the misnomer) "laterality"

3. Horizontal: to see atlas rotation in relation to skull, note filtration/collimation.

Are these x rays reliable?

But I know some people who can treat the ATLAS without X rays
Want to take a gamble? See here...

Are they Safe?

Frightened by The X Rays a Chiropractor Recommends? Fear the Medical, if any…

People worry about radiation exposure from x rays taken by chiropractors and medical physicians.

For our purposes, we will show comparisons with other medical procedures carried out daily, and show you just how LOW a dose from a few neck x rays really is; even a full-spine x ray.

Compared with a trip over to Europe or USA, a spinal x ray is almost negligible when risk/benefit assessment is taken into account.

That is: air travel in the upper atmosphere magnifies your exposure to x rays on the whole trip. And I am unaware of any raised cancer risk in airline pilots.

My colleague who is a professor of radiology at one of the Australian Universities gave me these figures:


Neck x ray
Full Spine x ray
CT Spine
Radiotherapy for cancer

The dose value is measured in Micro Sieverts (uSv)
The value for a cancer patient getting therapy is approx. over a million times more. They do this even though they know it may CAUSE more cancer. ie: the risk/benefit is taken as positive.

So your next chiropractic spinal x ray is only dangerous if it is not necessary. Otherwise, it is one of the safest procedures with our state of the art collimation, shielding, high frequency generators and new digital systems even more so.

Table From: January 10, 2005 A Source for Patients