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Learn AO technique

All information is accurate as possible for the seminars. You can call Dr Joseph Ierano any time on 0418435392 for course dates, or via e-mail.

Courses Available:

The AO seminar will provide you with 13 Formal Learning Activity hours:

View the BASIC Program:
The basic certification program taught directly from the book written by Dr Roy W. Sweat of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (based on the programs of Dr John Grostic). TWO DAY program.

Sydney CBD, APRIL 29/30, 2017
at Opus Healthcare
Suite 404
65 York St Sydney 2000
near Wynyard Station
Sat 11am - 5pm
Sun 9am - 6pm

For more information call Dr Joseph Ierano, Doctor of Chiropractic,
on 0418435392.
Or email by hitting "contact AO Direct" below.
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